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getting crafty

April 29, 2012

i’m not the most studious of students. i’m really not. sorry i’m not sorry. i feel that there are more important and meaningful things to do with my time. one of those things is crafts and various art projects. you could include baking in with that category as well.

so this year, i’ve tried to expand my craftiness. mostly to the help of a nice little world we all call pinterest. if you don’t know what pinterest is, you should probably crawl out from under the rock of oblivion and step into the world of dream homes, weddings rings the kardashian’s wear for a few days, closets you’ll never have, recipes you can only hope to plan on buying the ingredients for, and projects that will most likely never get past the “what if” phase. well, that’s not all completely untrue for me. i’ve actually created some of my pins in some form or another. and i’d like to share them, and a few i’ve made up myself, with you! here we go!

paper roses!

a few months back, i had this super cute vase/encouraging words set up going on on our bathroom sink. unfortunately, the flower in the vase was real and died and was no longer so pretty. the vase sat empty for a long time, until a came across this super cute idea. so on a slow afternoon, i got my glue gun out and did a little gardening. this is the end product now:

how cute, right? and they were super easy.

next up, wine bottles.

we love us some pink wine in our apartment. so over the course of the school year, we accumulated a couple bottles. so i came up with a few ideas to spice up the old glass. the first one was really simple and pretty quick to throw together. i just came up with an image i liked, inspired by other projects i’ve seen, and randomly came across a verse that suited it perfectly. i used black acrylic paint, but there’s probably some sort of glass specific paint you could use that may work better. here’s how they turned out!

The birds of the air nest among the waters; they sing among the branches. Psalm 104:12

another bottle craft i came up with was a little more intense. i learned how to cut glass, and i thought about how cool it would be to make a chandelier of sorts out of the bottles. so i cut the bottoms off then reattached them in a way using hemp string. i glued little tea lights into the bottoms. they are so cute. my glass cutting skills aren’t the best, so the lines aren’t as clean as they could be. but i feel like that adds to the rustic-y feel.

in the future, i think i want to fix them to a fixture of some sort and have them actually hanging from the ceiling like a real light would. for now, i think they look just great hanging from the open area above the island between the kitchen and living room.i could go on and on about the crafts that we’ve gotten into this year, but they may not be the most interesting or breath-taking to you. so i’ll just throw up some more pictures and you may marvel at my artistic genius. ha.

red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting piped on as roses (this was actually really easy and looked so goo in the end!)

fruits of the spirit poster. i saw it as a drawing on a piece of paper and scaled up to be wall sized.

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